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Commercial Truck and Van Financing in Phoenix, AZ

Why choose GM Financial over other banks?

One of the biggest differences between GM Financial and other auto loan institutions, is that GM Financial is owned by General Motors. GM Financial’s purpose is to support GM dealers with exclusive financing programs including financing and leasing support directly from the GM factory. They focus on customer retention by allowing customers to apply for lines of credit to conveniently purchase multiple new or pre-owned vehicles. It’s also customizable, allowing you to add vehicles using any of their other commercial products and features. GM Financial also offers a Fleet Service program to help customers manage their vehicles without the cost of a fleet management company.


  • Amounts begin at $250,000 and are reviewed annually
  • Skip the credit approval process traditionally required every time you finance an additional vehicle
  • Helps you reserve specific funds for acquiring commercial vehicles
  • Saves your bank lines of credit for your other business needs
  • Purchase or lease vehicles for your business as you need them
  • Use it with other services, such as combined billing statements and Master Loan/Lease Agreements


This service if offered by Network, makes it easy to manage all your commercial vehicles. Both levels of service in this customizable program deliver a range of consultative support, from maintenance management to rental programs, emergency roadside services, customized management reporting and fuel management, to help keep your vehicles — and your business — in top condition.


Courtesy Chevrolet: Commercial and Fleet Department in Phoenix, AZ, can help you finance the fleet of commercial trucks or vans you need to keep your business on the road and looking presentable. Our team of finance professionals will gladly work with you to help you get approved the bank. We like to think of ourselves as your loan and lease resource center, as we can design a financing plan to meet your specific needs. It doesn’t matter to us whether your credit is good, bad or somewhere in between; we can help.

Courtesy Fleet & Commercial has strong relationships with lenders and can find a financing plan to fit your budget. (We don’t guarantee approval). Stop by today or give us a call to learn more about how we can help you finance a fleet of vehicles.


(Please take the time follow the next steps.)

STEP 1: Click the link below and fill out the finance application.

Finance Application Button

STEP 2: When you are finished entering your information on the application, click Print on the upper-right corner of the page.

STEP 3: After you print the application, you can fax it to our finance office at (602)264-9230, or you can send it by mail to Courtesy Chevrolet: Commercial & Fleet Department @ 4999 North 12th Street Phoenix, Arizona 85014.

How you send the application is your choice…..However, we strongly recommend faxing your application.

We take proper measures to make sure that any information our customers turn in doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Which is why we don’t accept credit applications with sensitive information to be submitted via email or Website.

When you click on the link and enter your information on the PDF credit application, it will not be saved in our database. It only allows you to fill the app and download to your PC or print directly from browser. Once you close the window, any information you entered will be deleted.

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