Astro Supreme Catering Trucks For Sale in Phoenix, Arizona

  • Ideal for caterers or home delivery of meals – frontsection is refrigerated and rear section is heated
  • Front refrigerated compartment is 50 cubic feet and holds up to 400 frozen meals
  • Kemlite lined refrigerated compartment bring temperatures down to -5 degrees
  • Flooring: reefer hat section floor in the middle, aluminum floor on the sides, kazoo drains included
  • Insulation: 4″ in walls and ceiling, 3″ under aluminum floor, 1 ¾” under hat section floor
  • Front of body reefer mount included, for loweroverall vehicle height
  • Stainless steel heated rear compartment has 7 stainless steel baskets that hold up to 120 hot meals
  • Heated compartment brings temperature up to 179 degrees